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Noonan solid stave construction snare drums and sets are meticulously crafted using only the finest timbers. 24 solid staves are expertly formed into a shell that has a very different sound to that of a ply drum. The stave snare drum gives a shorter, quicker note and a smoother almost seamless tone, with some timbers such as purpleheart and green heart, displaying an almost built in compression. The stave bass drum and toms give massive amounts of tone and projection. Even small size drums have the ability if required to sound much bigger and fuller than their size would suggest! Shells are turned in side and out by hand to give a shell that is perfectly round. The bearing edges are also turned into the shell with 100% accuracy at this point. No splines are used between the staves so nothing can interfere with the ‘pure’ concept of a stave drum, because the staves are so expertly and accurately formed, no other ‘belts and braces’ such as splines, are needed. These shells are as near as ‘one’ as you can get! Three and four part solid brass tube lugs are as standard with both the hexagonal and vintage style round end posts available. Adjustable vents are as standard. All the usual plating options are available.

Noonan Solid Stave Construction Toms
Size Contact us for vast range of timbers available.
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8 £POA
10 £POA
12 £POA
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16 £POA
18 £POA
Hardware available in satin chrome, nickle, satin nickle, black chrome, black nickle and gold. Prices on request.

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