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NOONAN MV8 - MV1O series drums

The MV8 MV1O snare drums and sets are from 100% maple laminated shells and are available in a limitless choice of finishes. From natural wax, stain and wax, bursts, fades, lacquers etc., 100s of different wraps, including glass glitters, sparkles, pearls and genuine abalone shell fmishes, exotic burr veneers, carbon fibre and lacquer, tn-flash chameleon, spray glitters and air brushed graphic designs.

The MV8 MV1O hexagonal and block lugs are struck from solid brass stock, free from inserts and voids and therefore free from unwanted extraneous noises. Whilst the solid brass lugs give the drum a stronger and more focused tone, a gasket protects and isolates the lugs from the shell. Lugs are polished and plated to the highest standard, with plating options of chrome, nickel, satin chrome, satin nickel, black chrome, black nickel and gold. MV8 - MV1O series drums come complete with heavy duty 2.3 triple flange hoops (some other types can be specified) R.I.M.S. torn mounts, Yamaha heavy duty bass drum spurs, 100% stainless steel fixings, easy tune nylon washers and customers choice of heads. The Noonan clawless bass drum hoop hardware which remains fixed to the bass drum hoops at all times, is a much easier and less damaging way of tensioning a bass drum, although the more normal bass drum claws are as standard.

Noonan MV 8 - MV 10 Laminated Maple Snare Drums
Size Stain and Wax Wraps, Pearls and Glitters Polyester Lacquer, Bursts, Fades Burr Veneers and Lacquers Carbon Fibre and Lacquer
10" 6 Lugs £265 £290 £309 £457 £461
12" 6 Lugs £315 £340 £369 £477 £481
13" 8 Lugs £374 £404 £427 £487 £489
14" 8 Lugs £385 £417 £437 £497 £499
14" 10 Lugs £399 £431 £451 £509 £511
15" 8 Lugs £434 £474 £497 £557 £561
Above prices are for chrome hardware. Hardware also available in satin chrome, nickle, satin nickle, black chrome, black nickle and gold. Prices on request.

13"x6.5" - Glass Glitter Wrap

13"x5" - Midnight Blue Wrap

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