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Noonan two part heavy spun shell snare drums, from brass, copper, aluminum, bronze, titanium are hybrid bi-tone shells from, for example, half brass half copper etc., The two part spun shells (top spun over bottom) are the oniy shells of this construction and quality made anywhere in the world today. These shells are totally unique. Also unique are the solid snare beds which are 100% flexible as far as width and depth of bed are concerned. You want wide and deep? Well we give you wide and deep. These beds can be tailored to suit your sound whilst not distorting or affecting the integrity of the shell in any way. Three part solid brass tube lugs are of standard, giving purity of tone and flexibility of finish. Both the hexagonal and vintage style round end posts is available. The adjustable air grommets give the opportunity to play the drum vented or not. Hand engraved custom designs and patterns can also be specified to these shells. Several plating and powder coating options are available as a fmish to these shell types. Triple flange 2.3mm hoops are as standard but other hoops such as single, straight up hoops and clips are offered. Various throw offs can be specified along with several types of custom snare wires.

Noonan Two Part Spun Shell Snare Drum
Size Brass Copper Aluminium Bronze Titanium Hybrids (half/half)
12x7" £675 £675 £615 £675 £POA £POA
13x5" £699 £699 £639 £699 £POA £POA
12x6.5" £715 £715 £655 £715 £POA £POA
14x4" £704 £704 £639 £704 £POA £POA
14x5" £709 £709 £645 £709 £POA £POA
14x6.5" £719 £719 £659 £719 £POA £POA
Prices for 6 and 8 lug drums in nickle finish. Prices on application for 10 lug drums. Plating options available include chrome, satin chrome, nickle, satin nickle, black chrome, black nickle and gold. Prices on request. Hand engraving in custom designs and patterns including hand hammering also available - prices on request.

14"x6.5" - Two Part Spun Aluminium - PC Finish

14"x6.5" - Two Part Spun Copper - Nickle Finish

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